July 26, 2017

I’m getting ready to leave to NYC on Tuesday and I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my packing tips with you all! After years of traveling, I’ve realized that all you really need is your credit card, ID and imagination. Bringing so much “baggage” (literally) weighs you down. If I’m every in a bind and forget something, I don’t panic. I know I can always buy something or learn to live without it. The most important thing is the memories I’ll create and the wisdom I’ll gain. Time you can never get back, so I treasure it! What I can do is prepare – Here is a list of 10 tips for packing that I’ve learned through the years and would love to share with you.

1. Always pack your jewelry in your carry on. Jewelry is valuable as well as heavy at times, so this is a must. Also, pack statement pieces if you’re only bringing basic clothing items. It will give you the chance to dress your look up.

2. Pack swim suits in your hat to keep your hat from getting smushed!

3. Pack socks in shoes to save space.


4. Pack a travel steamer! The Rowenta Steam ‘N Press I have here is perfect for travel. It’s compact and doubles as both a steamer and iron in one. It can steam for 15 min without refilling. I always need a steamer handy as I’m always shooting while we travel and need something I can count on that works well and is compact. I never travel without one! This one is only $30 and available at Target. It makes life so much easier!

5. Pack beauty separately, pack tech separately, pack meds separately. It’s soooo much easier finding that one thing you are looking for when you have separate bags for everything. I can always locate my vitamins and know exactly where my face wash is.

rowenta steamer

6. Use zip locks for all liquids. This one is a no brainer, but I also take the extra step sometimes and use tape to hold down bottles that don’t have the most secure lids.

7. You really only need one pair of jeans. Really! Especially during summer getaways, it makes no sense to bring any extra pairs.

travel blog

8. Don’t forget your dry shampoo. When traveling during the summer months, I like to be extra prepared for climates with more humid temperatures. Usually I’ll wear a hat and will need to reach for my dry shampoo.

9. Coordinate your looks ahead of time. I always have a set number of looks prepared and edit accordingly! By the end of my edit I’ve cut down on half my items.

rowenta steamer

10. Don’t stress! The most important thing to remember is your passport/id, wallet and an open mind!


Thank you to Rowenta for partnering on this post.

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