March 9, 2018

This post was created in partnership with Olay. All opinions remain my own.

I mentioned Olay Whips here not too long ago and how much I’ve been loving it. The sweet team at Olay sent me another version of the Whips formula, Luminous, to test out and I was beyond thrilled to give this one a go. I still can’t pin down which of the two I love more. What I love about the whole Whips line is the formula all-together – light as air, breathable but absolutely hydrating all at the same time.

Every winter I change up my beauty regime, as it is key to sync with the needs of your skin and give it some extra TLC. I drink more water, use more face oils, incorporate more hydrating face masks and switch to a more hydrating moisturizer. I know we all experience this and do our best to up our beauty game. Truth be told, sometimes it gets exhausting. What I love about Olay Whips is that the formula really does do a number of things for your skin all in one go. The lightweight formula goes on velvety and feels like silk. It not only moisturizes, but also has key ingredients to help even out skin tone and actively brighten your skin. So if you are like me and love a product that can do a million things all in one, well wait for it – there’s also this….

Whips not only works as an ultra hydrating moisturizer for harsh winter months, but also as a primer. If you’re new to priming, it basically means laying down a blank canvas before you apply your foundation. This really, really changes how your makeup looks on your skin!

A primer acts to:
– minimize pores
– decrease the appearance of fine lines
– help your makeup last longer throughout the day
– give you a dewy finish!

(and yes, it really does do all these things!)

The formula gives you a matte finish, which serves as the perfect canvas before you apply your makeup! It’s also formulated with PearlOptics, which basically means that it has all of the power behind it to give you lasting radiance and keep your t-zone shine free. A definite winner in my book.

You can try your own sample of the product here!

olay whips

olay whips

olay whips

olay whips

olay whips

olay whips

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